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We are a small group Istanbulites who would like to show you different faces and lifestyles of our beloved city…

Locally Istanbul was founded by Ümit Aggül and Erk Erkaya in 2011.

About Us
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The idea is to create tailor-made tours for you based on your interests, expectations, timing and mood 🙂

We design day & night tours of Istanbul. Every first time visitor wants to see the main historical attractions of Istanbul for sure, but we also want to show you “today” and “tomorrow” Istanbul. The unique and the vibrant city of 2 continents where East meets West.

Istanbul has so much to offer beside it's amazing history; in terms of design, fashion, art, culture, music, without forgetting the amazing night life and our point is not only to show the beauty of the city but make you feel the soul of Istanbul !

We are not professional guides, we are just young and fun locals, who was born & grown in Istanbul and we want to make you consider us as one of us, rather than a guest. Therefore, you can feel the amateur spirit and the fun of our beloved city.

We are a small group Istanbulites who would like to show you different faces and lifestyles of our beloved city...

Riding Istanbul on our WW2 Vintage Motorcycle. A total different way to explore Bosphorus.

A unique experience of Istanbul on a vintage sidecar motorbike.

Check Itineraries for more information about Sidecar Tours. Don't worry, we'll pick you up from your hotel, provide helmet, body armour and camera! Just book a tour and Enjoy!


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Tours & itineraries may be re-designed based your requests

Locally Team

Get to know us better


Ümit Aggül

Ümit is surely the one to call to discover Istanbul’s hidden delicacies as he is a true expert on traditional Turkish cuisine and has a natural GPS that perfectly locates all the local spots. With an eye for creativity that meticulously scans the immediate and distant surroundings for all signs of artistic manifestation, Ümit will accompany you on your grand tour of Istanbul’s blooming art and design scene. If you’re in for some music and drama, make sure you tip Ümit off since he knows all the goings-on in Istanbul’s theater, opera and music scenes. As a student of Actuarial Science, probably all of Ümit’s expert recommendations will come analytically approved!


Erk Erkaya

Erk is a true gastrophile who has a highly sensitive sweet tooth, making him the ideal dessert junkie to stick to in this city of thousand desserts. He also is an antiques enthusiast with a good eye for all things old and beautiful. Having spent a year at ‘The Big Apple’, Erk decidedly grabbed New York’s exuberant shopping scene by the throat and is now happy to utilize his know-how for you to have the greatest shopping experience in Istanbul. As a recent college graduate Erk is eagerly preparing for his postgraduate studies on Hospitality Management.


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Locally Istanbul 

Locally Istanbul 

Locally Istanbul 

Private Tours in Istanbul 

Private Tours in Istanbul 

Private Tours in Istanbul 


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Ümit Aggül
T: +90 532 302 1940
E: [email protected]

Erk Erkaya
T: +90 532 707 7885
E: [email protected]

T: +90 538 064 9400
E: [email protected]

Meric Cad. Botanik Carsi 15/38
Atasehir - Istanbul

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